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A Village For Independent And Enterprising Women (A VIEW), the project aims to offer a holistic approach to serve the homeless, women, having mild to moderate degree of mental illness. They would have medical treatment, regular medical checkups as well as various types of therapy. They would perform the activities of daily living and other activities of the home /village by dividing the responsibility among them for the smooth functioning of the set up.
They learn skills, like quilting, animal husbandry, gardening, sewing, tailoring, and cooking are some of the options thought of, there could be other options also- the bottom line of these activities are, they would be able to perform according to their abilities and the success of these tasks would boost up their self-confidence .They would be able to make a livelihood out of it and be financially independent. This would help them to live independently with self respect and dignity.
This village would give them the ‘feel’ of community and develop bonding. They would be free to go out and mingle in the larger society of the area. If anyone wants to go back to her own family (depends on the relatives and their willingness to take them back) they could go back but would need regular visits for their follow up treatment.