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Association for Advocacy and Legal Initiatives (AALI), established in 1998, is a women-led and women-run human rights organization committed to the protection and advancement of the human rights of women, children and other marginalized communities. With direct field presence in Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand, AALI has been providing technical support to various human rights organizations and groups across India.

AALI’s ideological framework, rooted in the United Nation’s 1979 Convention against Elimination of all Forms of Violence against Women (CEDAW), envisions “an egalitarian system which recognizes women as equal human beings and promotes and protects their social, economic, and political rights guaranteed in the Constitution of India and in international human rights treaties.”

Based on feminist, human rights approach, AALI works with tripartite strategic framework viz. Advocacy, Access to Justice and Capacity Building. Ensuring and strengthening access to justice to women is central to AALI’s work, not just as a goal but also as a process. AALI strongly believes in the power of engagement of law and community as a crucial tool for social change.