Sarvodaya Youth Organisation (SYO)

Sarvodaya Youth Organisation (SYO) is a secular, grassroot non-government and non-profit making organization established in the year 1993. SYO is formed to promote and enhance sustainable rural, tribal and urban development and to create opportunities for the vulnerable and disadvantage sections of the community to enhance their socio-economic status. SYO has been working with rural children in the villages across Warangal district. The organization is committed to raising the level of education and literacy in rural India and to help under-privileged children realize their full potential. We promote education among girls in the villages and we could see an increased enrollment of girl children in schools. We also work on women issues related to domestic violence. We have been supporting farm widows whose husbands have lost their lives due to suicides after the crop failure and increased debts from middlemen at higher interest rates. Children and widows will benefit from the donation provided.

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