The Society for Door Step School

The concept of Door Step School came into being while Bina Sheth Lashkari was working at the Social Service Centre at the Colaba Municipal School in 1988 under her professor Mrs. Rajani Paranjpe guidance. A major activity of the centre was visiting homes of dropout children; trying to determine the cause of their dropping out and trying to bring them back to school. Factors affecting the inability to attend were varied and could not always be influenced directly by us. Despite a widespread infrastructure of formal education, many children are yet uncovered by this system in Mumbai itself.

Therefore, the need for another alternative, whereby education would reach the children was seen, and the idea of a school at the children’s “door step” came into being. Door Step School became a reality with the start of one non-formal class for 50 out of school teenagers in one community in 1988-89, quickly spreading to 4 communities in the vicinity with balwadis, study classes and libraries also being initiated. Expanding to Pune in 1993, Door Step School is constantly evaluating the educational needs in the community and developing strategies for addressing them.

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