• * Are you yearning for a challenge and to explore uncharted territory?
  • * Do you wish to leave the herd pack to create something unique to transform an industry?
  • * Are you a fanatical believer in the role of technology to transform lives?

if you answered YES to all of the above you are most likely to be the right fit for an opportunity which will fundamentally alter the experience of making a donation in India. we are developing India’s first payment solutions platform built specifically for NGOs. read more about us.

we are a startup, so we are in “always-on” mode. you need to have a high degree of enthusiasm, energy and an ability and willingness to put in whatever it takes to get the job done. in addition, you should be ready to take on whatever job that needs to get done. so if you have always wanted to work in a high-growth team learning and unlearning every single day; if you have the ability to work in a constantly changing environment; if you have boundless energy to try multiple tasks and fail and fail fast at that, this is the place for you.

to apply for the below mentioned positions send an email to careers@danamojo.org with the position in the subject line

we are currently recruiting for the following positions:

We are looking out for a person who can captain our ship and crew. Understand and adapt to the nature and functioning of our organisation. Get the juices in the brain flowing and be on their feet to ensure smooth functioning of our start up. The role will be challenging and needs a person who can take on the heat and not crack at pressure. Should have in depth knowledge on the diverse business processes and functions.
You have to be flexible to be available round the clock to provide support holistically as we are a start up and we believe in sustained growth through rigour and passion.

Roles and responsibilities :

  • * Overall heading our operations teams for our Payment Solutions Platform and Pickup Platform
  • * Responsible for Inside Sales, NGO Onboarding and NGO/Donor Support for our Payment Solutions Platform
  • * Responsible for entire Pickup operations involving co-ordination with NGOs, Donors and Logistics Partners. Develop new partnerships with more logistics partners
  • * Will serve as the Key Account Manager, and will be the first point of contact for resolving escalated concerns from the NGOs
  • * Should be able to find out the bottlenecks and stoppages in the existing processes in the organisation, and offer tangible solutions
  • * Work with the CEO closely, in periodic review and streamline the day to day activities and employees’ performance.
  • * Will be responsible for managing & recruiting team as required for replacement / growth
  • * Assist the CEO in lead generation for the Payments Platform and Business Development for the Pickup Platform

addition to the mentioned requirements

  • * Work experience of more than 3 years preferred
  • * Well versed with the usage of advance MS-excel & data analysis
  • * Experience in team management and backoffice operations will be preferable

We are looking for a person who believes that it is the duty of each individual to give. One who would love to assist NGOs in raising donations from individuals and believes strongly in the role of technology to enable it. The role will require strong skills in areas ranging from content writing to digital marketing to analysis. It will require one to work closely with NGOs to assist them in first creating a donor base and then actively engaging with them. This role will aim to create a community of NGOs who are interested in building and engaging with retail individual donors. You will be the face of DanaMojo to our NGO partners, and be the principal point of contact for them.

The ideal candidate is one who has been involved in web development with expertise in HTML/CSS and SQL. Advanced Excel will be beneficial in this role. We are ideally looking at someone with at least 2 years’ experience.

What You Will Do

1. Assist NGOs in increasing donations from their own donors
a. Working 1-1 with a set of NGOs to strategize and execute on plans to increase donations from their own donors through online & offline activities
b. Planning and executing the danaMATCH Challenges (an online fundraising event)
c. Conduct workshops to improve capabilities of raising funds from individual donors
d. Use various digital tools such as social media, blogs, emails to advocate building and leveraging an individual donor base

2. Help NGOs use our platform better
a. Educate NGOs on using more features on our platform thus being able to reach more donors and donations
b. Understand what NGOs want and feed that back into new features for the Platform

3. Generate leads through marketing activities
a. Generate more leads through digital activities such as social media marketing, email marketing, blogs, website, SEO etc
b. Use existing NGOs to showcase benefit with testimonials to bring new NGOs o board

What Skills You Need To Have

1. Digital Marketing
• Email Marketing – Should have run email campaigns through a variety of tools
• Social Media Marketing – Should have done social media marketing for customers or should be an avid user of social media
• Data Analysis – Strong data analysis skills to analyze and report on marketing activities

2. Content Writing
• Blogs/Articles – Should be someone to whom writing comes easily and naturally and can easily pen down a 250-400 word article without too much effort.
• Website Management – Using website to drive both engagement and lead generation through content and SEO

3. Data Analysis
• Excel – Strong skills in data analysis using Excel
• Google Analytics – Should have setup and used Google Analytics (or any similar tool) to measure and analyze effort of online marketing activities

In addition to the mentioned requirements

• Work experience of at least 2 years in the above areas
• Well versed with the usage of advance MS-Excel, data analysis and digital marketing tools
• Candidates who have shown inclination to the sector through active work/volunteering in the social service space

Even if you’re from a completely different background, but have the necessary skillsets and the zeal and confidence to crack the nut – let’s talk.

As the Technical Product Manager, you are our go-to person on all matters related to technology – both internally as well as externally for our clients. You will co-ordinate with our technology partner for new product developments, testing, bug-fixes etc. You will help NGOs integrate our platform on their websites and help them on all matters technical related to our platform. You will also be expected to automate some simple internal activities and programming skills are thus essential. However at the core this role is NOT a programming role.

The ideal candidate is one who has been involved in web development with expertise in HTML/CSS and SQL. Advanced Excel will be beneficial in this role. We are ideally looking at someone with at least 2 years’ experience.


What are we looking for?

1. Strong HTML/CSS Knowledge with background of web development
2. Strong SQL knowledge (important to be able to write speedy queries) & Excel knowledge (to be able to process large amounts of data). Advanced Excel with ability to write macros is an advantage.
3. Strong understanding and appreciation of the software development process. Someone said “God is in the detail”. In the software space, “God is in testing”! :-) You will be responsible for taking all our new features LIVE.
4. Excellent analytical capabilities and an ability to grasp things fast and write out functional specs, managing an activity end-to-end. You would be responsible for deciding our NEW features.
5. Great communication skills to co-ordinate and manage team internally and partners externally.

Most importantly – an almost crazy willingness to learn and do anything & everything that is required!!!

you will be responsible for onboarding NGOs and helping them to complete registration requirements. you will create and refine the requirements of funding for the NGO and present it in a manner that can help the NGOs get more donations. in this role you will enable NGOs to get a payment gateway on their site thus helping them raise more money. you will ensure a great experience for the NGO throughout the registration process through timely follow-ups and responding to all their queries.

you need to be able to write English quite well with a reasonable comfort in speaking the same. in addition you will need to be able to speak in Hindi and/or one other regional language so that you can converse with the NGOs easily. a reasonable familiarity with computers and basic software such as Microsoft Word and Excel is expected.