We welcome you onboard danamojo – India’s First Donor Management Platform designed specifically for NGOs.

By choosing to be a part of our platform and making the payment you agree to the terms and conditions given at

Refund, Return, Cancellation and Delivery policy (of donations received by the NGO using our services)

Any contribution on the danamojo payment widget by an individual, is for a specific cause to a specific NGO and should not be construed as an investment in any form whatsoever.

Danamjo helps NGOs in collecting donations and donations cannot be refunded. Thus there is no refund or return policy.

Donations by their very nature are non-refundable and the transaction is complete once the donation is made. Thus there is no delivery in this model.

Refund & Cancellation (for Donors)

You make contributions to the NGO towards Projects or people with the social impact as the primary cause. You understand that this contribution is not for purchase of any goods or services. Therefore, the contributions once cleared by the payment gateway will go towards the NGO / project you intended to give to, and therefore cannot be refunded or cancelled.

If the NGO loses the statutory requirements required to accept donations, the NGO will be responsible for informing us of the same immediately. Any donations made to the NGO post the date on which the NGO loses statutory approval and not yet paid to the NGO will be refunded to the donor (less our fees, charges and taxes) within 10 working days of our receiving intimation of the NGO having lost their statutory approvals and shall not be paid to the NGO. In case such payments have already been made to the NGO, the donor will have recourse to the NGO for refund or otherwise. danamojo shall not be liable for any money donated by the donor and transferred to the respective NGO. We reserve the right to pursue legal action against the NGO for not informing / late informing us of their loss of approval for any loss or liability incurred by us.

Refund Policy of Our Fees, Subscription Charges and other charges

Danamojo will deduct their fees and applicable taxes before providing the funds to the NGO.

The Service Charge per transaction payable by NGO (and any applicable taxes) shall be deducted by us from the payment payable to the NGO in respect of each completed transaction. The applicable Service Charge has been decided with the NGO and the NGO agrees to the same in the documents submitted to us.

Service Charge charged by us in respect of a transaction that has been confirmed shall not be returned or repaid to the NGO or any other person irrespective of the payment being rejected, charged back, refunded or disputed.

The Annual Subscription Fee collected from NGOs is non-refundable in case the NGO decides to withdraw from the process later.