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    What is this webinar about?

    Good donor communication is the foundation of successful fundraising. Donor retention, repeat donations, recurring donations are all inspired by good communication done by the NGO. This webinar presents you with an ideal plan of communication – the donor communication calendar that can be followed to reap the best result from the communications.

    What does this webinar cover?

    *  Why is donor communication important?

    * Considerations while drafting a donor communication

    * Why have a donor communication calendar?

    * How to plan an effective donor communication calendar?

    * Contents that can be part of every communication item

    Speaker – Namitha Holla – Community and Engagement Manager, DanaMojo

    Namitha has experience of 13 years in various sectors like Information Technology, Education, and Communication. After leaving her corporate job at Infosys in search of a purposeful career, she volunteered as a teacher at various NGOs. As a librarian, she has set up a library for school children independently and inspired children to become good readers. She is an Engineer (B.E Computer Science) and a qualified librarian (Masters in Library and Information Science). She is also an avid reader with a strong desire to make this world a better place.

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