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    What is this webinar about?

    High Networth Individual (HNI) donors are the donors who donate a large sum of amount for a cause. They are, no doubt, an asset to any NGO. But looking out for HNI donors who have an interest in the cause, establishing a relationship, and soliciting donations is a challenging task. In this session, we bring to you 2 seasoned individuals with 20+ years of experience between them on working with philanthropists to help them give to their chosen causes. They come with strong experience of reaching out to many and different kinds of HNI donors as well as engaging with them.

    What does this webinar cover?

    * Who is an HNI donor? How is he/she different from other types of donors?

    * Why it is good to have HNI donors

    * How to communicate/ask HNI donors?

    * Retain & Nurture HNI donors – How to increase donations from HNI donors over a period of time?


    Deepa Varadarajan – Co-founder – Pramiti Philanthropy Partners

    Deepa brings over a decade of experience in Philanthropy advisory and grant assessments including diligence, monitoring and evaluation, having worked with Asha for Education-Dallas (volunteer capacity), GiveIndia, Dasra, and India Philanthropy Initiative (housed under Azim Premji Foundation). Deepa built the HNI Giving vertical at GiveIndia to engage and assist over 50 HNI/UHNI families in their personal philanthropy by providing customized solutions (incl. but not limited to connecting to NGOs, experts, grant-management, monitoring, peer-connects) to meet their philanthropic objectives.

    Manisha Joshi – Co-founder – Pramiti Philanthropy Partners

    As a co-founder of Pramiti Philanthropy Partners, Manisha Joshi has a decade of social sector experience. An entrepreneur with an Engineering and business management background, Manisha has groomed and managed 2 IT ventures in her previous avatar before making the switch to the development sector in 2010. She was a part of the HNI Giving vertical within the erstwhile GiveIndia where she managed grant portfolios for families and foundations. She has also been associated with Dasra and Humane Society International/India and worked with Maharashtra State Government as a Steering Committee Member for their drought-proofing mission.

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