All donations via IamHere Mobile app topped up by 25%
(max top-up of Rs. 250) for every unique donor

Terms & Conditions

  1. All NGOs that are currently active on danamojo’s Online Payment Solutions Platform are automatically eligible for this campaign. No separate registration is needed for the campaign.
  2. This campaign will run from Nov 1 – 30, 2018. danamojo reserves the right to extend or curtail the campaign at its discretion.
  3. Transaction charge for all donations during the campaign is as per your PLAN
  4. Only donations made via danamojo will be considered for the purposes of this campaign. No other donations will be considered.
  5. Only donations made online through online modes of payment will be considered for the purpose of this campaign. Donations made via other modes of payment such as cash, cheque or bank transfer directly to the NGO’s account will not be considered.
  6. Matching of 25% upto Rs. 250 will be given for every unique donor that makes a donation during the campaign period. The maximum matching that will be given out during the campaign is Rs. 1,50,000.
  7. The purpose of the campaign is to help you reach out to a wide number of individual donors. The aim is to also ensure that donors make donations themselves so that you inculcate the habit of giving online with them. We will be using a wide variety of parameters including but not limited to name, email, mobile, PAN # etc to determine uniqueness of donors. Making donations on behalf of your donors will also not be considered for matching donations. We will exercise a lot of discretion in this respect as our purpose is to reward NGOs who reach out to a large number of individuals and raise donations from them.
  8. Winners announced during the campaign will be subject to verification at the end of the campaign before payout of the matching donation and could be changed based on an audit conducted to determine uniqueness of donors.
  9. Refunds/Chargebacks made for any reason will result in matching donations being clawed back if won against such donations. Consistently making refunds/chargebacks can lead not only to disqualification from the campaign but also suspension from the danamojo platform.
  10. The matching donation will be paid out to the winning NGOs latest by Jan 31, 2019.
  11. danamojo reserves the right to change its terms & conditions as it deems suitable to preserve the spirit of the Challenge and to prevent undesired behaviour during the Challenge
  12. Decision of danamojo with respect to winners and awarding of the matching donation during the campaign will be final & binding in all respects.