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    What is this webinar about?

    Building a Fundraising Team is probably the most difficult thing for an NGO – since India lacks “fundraisers” and definitely ones with any significant experience. So one often needs to look at skills in other domains that could be relevant to the social space. A fundraising team will really depend on the size of the organization ranging from 1 person doing everything to teams for every channel of donations. This will depend on the size and your ability to invest in the same.

    In this webinar Rahul Balakrishnan, touches upon all the  majors considerations of building maintaining and growing a successful fundraising team.

    What does this webinar cover?

    * Fundraising Team Structure for Individual Fundraising – Different roles

    * How to build a team? How to hire?

    * What are realistic expectations? What are unrealistic expectations?

    * Measuring outcome – Setting Metrics for the Team/Person

    Speaker – Rahul Balakrishnan – Co-Founder, Arthan

    Rahul believes that education is THE key in developing the capacity of each human being to unleash his/her potential. An outcome-driven individual who finds his sense of purpose in helping each and everyone reach their ultimate potential and purpose. In the past decade, Rahul has worked in the HR, Training and Sales Verticals with a leading banking and insurance company ICICI Prudential and later with the Recruitment and Marketing Vertical at a leading Non Profit, Teach For India. Rahul a Teach For India 2014 Fellow , holds a graduate degree in Commerce from Delhi University and a Masters degree in Business Administration specialised in Marketing and Sales Management from Xavier Labor Research Institute , Jamshedpur.

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